Watch: Trailer for Evanna Lynch-starrer ‘Danny and the Human Zoo’

The first trailer for the BBC One drama Danny and the Human Zoo starring Evanna Lynch is now released. Evanna plays the role of Bridget O’Riordan, titular Danny’s feisty, sexy, gold-digging girlfriend.

Destiny Ekaragha directed the 90-minute TV movie. It debuts on August 31, right after Eastenders.

Happy birthday, Evanna Lynch!

Today, August 16, is the 24th birthday of Evanna Lynch, who we all love as the perfect Luna Lovegood there ever could be!


Author JK Rowling, too, tweeted her wishes to Evanna:

We wish Evanna the very best of birthdays!

Evanna Lynch pens birthday wishes for JK Rowling

Lumos Fundraising Event Hosted By J.K. Rowling

Every year on this day, July 31st, all of us unite in wishing JK Rowling and Harry Potter a very happy birthday. This year TIME has done something extra special by bringing together 17 actors and crew from Harry Potter movies to pen wishes to the author.

Of course, Evanna Lynch is included in the list.

Dearest Jo,

When we first met in person it took me a few frozen moments to recognise you. My reaction should have been instant given the level of mega-fan obsessiveness I’d proudly cultivated for years or by the impressive entourage of smiling faces that trailed in after you, or by the heavily expectant silence that was quickly becoming awkward. But it took me several seconds longer than was normal to have the appropriate jumping /squealing /hyperventilating fangirl fit because it seemed impossible to fathom that everything I loved – a vast universe, the very buildings and sets we were standing on, the hundreds of people milling about with one creative vision in mind – all of it, had come from the lovely, glowing, blonde woman before me who was on the small side of human and the miniature side of SuperWoman.

You squatted down by the make up chair to chat and it was very hard to piece words together into sentences because I wasn’t sure whether I was talking to a person or a spiritual portal connected to hundreds of different voices, souls and energies, all of whom I wanted to speak to and ask the geekiest of questions. But we continued to talk and it was both marvelous and incredible to realise you were human, to see your warmth, curiosity, the generous gaze and genuine interest you afforded each person you encountered. By the time we parted (rather, when I was dragged sullenly back into tutoring…) you left me with the distinct impression that small, sensitive ladies can change the world.

It’s been ten years and you are still reminding me of this. I’ve come to realise that it was that precise humanity and warmth I experienced when I met you, that curse of caring too much and of feeling too many feelings and that uncontainable imagination that can see far beyond what is real, that make you such a force of change and – and I don’t care what disclaimers you make about being Hufflepuff deep down – such a fierce, bold Gryffindor! You inspire me endlessly in your art, your activism and your sassy Twitter comebacks so please keep loving and caring and imagining as hard as you do.

Love you. Happy 50th!! Have the most Magical Happy Birthday ever!!

Evanna xox

Jo turns 50, and Harry turns 35 today.

Read the full list here.

Evanna Lynch talks facing rejection in show biz


Evanna Lynch recently talked to Jarlath Regan on podcast, An Irish Abroad about facing rejection during auditions. provided a transcript of the audio:

“I do often have auditions where I’m like ‘ugh, what happened there? That was terrible.’ I used to always just call my mum from here, ‘what am I doing? How do I get through this?’” she said.

“It used to always be, ‘ah sure maybe go back to college, maybe it’s not for you,’ and it’s like, that’s not what you want to hear.”

“When you get that no, that’s the most cutting thing and you just want to go home and curl into a ball and be told ‘it’s ok’.

“I realised I wasn’t hearing what I wanted to hear. I would be inclined to believe what my parents said about me because they know me best and they have my best interests at heart.”

“But you don’t get any better by quitting. I love it, it’s what I want to do, I wont get any better if I quite and agree with my parents and take the safe option,” she said.

You can download the podcast here.

World premiere of ‘My Name Is Emily’ to lead 2015 Galway Film Fleadh

Evanna Lynch‘s movie drama My Name is Emily will lead the 2015 Galway Film Fleadh. The festival runs from July 7 to July 15.

Two new stills from the movie are now online. Check them out in the gallery here.

“I’m deeply honoured that the Galway Film Fleadh has invited My Name is Emily to open the festival. Everyone involved with the making of this film has worked so hard and I cannot think of a better reward and a better place for our film’s world premiere,” said Director Simon Fitzmaurice.


Eclipse Pictures has secured distribution rights for Ireland, with My Name is Emily having already secured TV slots in Sweden. Producer Kathryn Kennedy has a making of documentary that captures the 28 day shoot and post-production process that should go with the film on its home release.

The movie will premiere on July 7th at 7.30pm in the Town Hall Theatre. Cast and crew are expected to attend. For tickets and more information, visit

Evanna Lynch posts open letter to her fans

In a very Luna Lovegood-esque move, Evanna Lynch took to her Facebook page to pen her thoughts on the recent homophobic affray on her Instagram posts.

Evanna directed her statement to her online homophobic followers asking them to “unfollow [her] on all social media platforms” since she believes in “always promoting a positive message.”

Read her full post below:

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I am making a special request to all of you today in light of an ugly instagram thread that is really bothering me….

Posted by Evanna Lynch on Sunday, 24 May 2015